Valkyries Fall

User Interface

Attacking Basic Monsters

Your character will gain experience and has a chance to improve their skills every time you kill a monster. These enemies also drop gold, give mission progress, and may even leave behind diamonds!

When you "Attack" the monster that you have selected in the dropdown box, the combat window will appear and display the results of your fight. It should look something like this: 

Battles can last a maximum of 50 rounds.

  • If a victor isn't named before the 50th round ends, this is a DRAW. Nothing gained, nothing lost.
  • If you win the battle, you will gain the rewards from the enemy.
  • If you lose the battle, gain nothing, lose 50% of your current experience, you cannot lose levels.

Damage dealt & received is displayed by average damage dealt over X rounds. 

  • Your actual minimum and maximum damage stats can be viewed in the menu tab on the right side of the screen.

Critical hits, revives and class-based skills are displayed here

  • Criticals can occur randomly based on your skill chance.
  • If you have the revive ability and you die, it will be displayed in the combat window.
  • Some classes have abilities, such as Lifesteal or Fear, and will be shown here.

Mission data is displayed here if you're currently on a mission 

  • (spoilers: you want to do missions)

Experience gained (or lost) and gold received per kill is displayed here.

  • You will also see how many levels you gain per kill, modified by several different means such as quest items you've earned.
  • Overflow experience is lost upon leveling up, so if you gain more experience than you need to level, the remainder is wasted.
  • Any skill improvements you may receive are also displayed here, you can see your total skills in the "Arm Tab" on the right.

Loot will also appear here! (Not pictured above)

  • Sometimes enemies drop items or even diamonds!

From the combat display, you can select the "Continue fighting monsters" link to return to the main menu.