Valkyries Fall


There are several hotkeys that you can use to speed up your actions in the game! These will only work if you don't have an input (ie, chat) selected.

You can use the ‘A’ key to attack the selected monster and the ‘C’ key to return from the battle.

  • [a] - Attack!
  • [c] - Continue (Also works to "go back" from other game menu's)

The ‘arrow’ keys on your keyboard can also be used to change locations.

  • [↑]  - Move North
  • [↓]  - Move South
  • [←] - Move West
  • [→] - Move East

The ‘enter’ and ‘/’ keys will activate the chat window.

  • [Enter] - Activate chat
  • [/] - Activate chat and input a forward slash for chat commands