Valkyries Fall


You begin the game in Midgard, the home of mortals and center of the multiverse; the prime material plane also known as Terra and Earth. Here you have no advantages and zero drawbacks, however, you may find that the other planes offer greater treasures or training opportunities…

All players have access to the 5 ‘standard’ realms at the start of the game:

Midgard, an ocean world and realm of men.
Nifelheim, a frozen realm of dense mists.
Muspelheim, the land of fire.
Asgard, heavenly home of the mighty Aesir.
Helheim, the hellish land of the dead.

In order to enter one of these realms, you must find the entrance from one of the neighboring planes. Using the coordinates on the map below, you can traverse Midgard to one of the four other planes and click the “Enter Realm” button located on your compass, found on the ‘map’ tab on the right of the game window.

But perhaps you wish to travel to the homes of either the Elves or the Dark Elves?
The land where Giantkind roam and rule? What of the home of the Vanir?

For that, you will need to collect diamonds!

Rouxgaroux has updated the official help page for all of the quests in the game. To access the upper planes, you must first complete a series of quests that begin with collecting the Orbs of Light and Darkness!

Each plane is unique. There are different sets of monsters in each one. On top of that, some planes have an inherent bonus to gold or experience gains. Below you will see a table of the planes, their bonuses and what is required to be able to access them.

Here we have a map kindly made by Malum.

Plane Exp Multiplier Gold Multiplier Entrances
Midgard 1 1

25,1 Asgard

25,50 Helheim

50,25 Muspelheim

1,25 Nifelheim

Asgard 0.8 1.2

25,50 Midgard

50,25 Alfheim

1,25 Vanaheim

Helheim 0.8 1.2

25,1 Midgard

1,25 Svartalfheim

50,25 Jotunheim

Muspelheim 1.2 0.8

1,25 Midgard

25,1 Alfheim

25,50 Jotunheim

Nifelheim 1.2 0.8

50,25 Midgard

25,50 Svartalfheim

25,1 Vanaheim

Alfheim 1.5 2

1,25 Asgard

25,50 Muspelheim

Svartalfheim 2 1.5

25,1 Nifelheim

50,25 Helheim

Vanaheim 2.5 3.2

50,25 Asgard

25,50 Nifelheim

Jotunheim 3.2 2.5

1,25 Helheim

25,1 Muspelheim