Valkyries Fall


You can view your character’s statistics in the ‘menu’ tab on the right side of the screen.


  • Gained via level and Vitality skill


Minimum Damage

  • Gained via level, Aggression, Competency
  • Weaponry affects this!


Maximum Damage

  • Gained via level, Aggression, Dominance
  • Weaponry affects this!


Revival Chance

  • Some items and classes can prevent death


Max Revives

  • Can only revive X times per fight
  • Some items and classes can increase this


Beast Limits

  • Resets on the 1st of every month
  • Rank increases your limit


Rank Points

  • Determines your character’s rank
  • Increased by making donations
  • Can purchase rank points with diamonds


Rebirth Points

  • Gained from rebirthing at level 500k
  • Spent on Classes and Perks


Valkyrie Shards

  • How many Shards you’ve earned from beasts
  • Spent on random ★ equipment, resetting beast counts and more at the Beastiary!

Auto Attacks

  • How many auto attacks your character can perform in a row
  • Upgradeable with Diamonds, Alliances and Subscription

Subscription Expiry

  • Shows when your subscription will expire

Bonus Actions

  • Bonus actions from having an active Subscription
  • Gained while offline
  • Bonus actions double your experience and gold

User ID

  • Your characters unique ID; don’t share this with anyone, for safety. This may be asked for by an admin if you ever have an issue.